Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cook Islands Host Offers Thanks

To all the generous Global Volunteers:

I have been and will always be mindful of the importance and impact of the presence and performances of the volunteers, not only in community groups (NGOs) but in government departments as well. CIANGO has been one of the many organisations that has truly benefited from the Global Volunteers, in establishing a data base for the organisation. This data base will always remind us of the Volunteers who worked so hard on that, and I cannot express how much we appreciate and will always be thankful to the Volunteers for such a remarkable and memorable service to CIANGO. God bless those Volunteers!

The works of the Volunteers at the Creative Centre, Punanga Tauturu, Te Kainga and in the schools and in welfare organisations, in the Library, etc, cannot go unmentioned. There may not have been much publicity in some of the works that the Volunteers have undertaken, but that has been very much appreciated and highly recognised by the recipients of those services.

While there is so much yet to be told about the services of the Volunteers, I wish to remind all Volunteers that, we, the NGOs hold special respect for the services rendered by the Volunteers to the various community bodies, and the nation as a whole. We value the good work of the Volunteers and hope that this is not the end of it all. There are still yet a need for Volunteers, in the hospital, in schools and in welfare centres around the island. May be we need to advertise more about the services of the Volunteers, for the wider community to make use of these voluntary services.

(At the same time, this will (hopefully) help to educate our own people to offer their services voluntarily sometimes and not to think of money all the time.)

CIANGO has been very previledged and happy to be your host in the Cook Islands. Welcome all, any time. Thank you once again, may God bless you all with a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy and Joyous New Year.
Kia Manuia, Aunty Ve