Saturday, February 26, 2011

Volunteer Connection Provides Eyeglasses

Four-time Global Volunteer Susan Koralik and the Lion’s Club of Park Ridge, Illinois have brought the gift of clearer vision to some fortunate Rarotonga students.

Koralik, who is serving with the current Cook Islands team, is continuing a collaborative effort with local eye nurse specialist Doris Fonorito to screen students at Takitumu, Rutaki, Imanuela Akatemia, St Joseph’s and Te Uki Ou schools on the island.

Last time Koralik served on Rorotonga, she and Fonorito screened 638 students. Those who followed up to obtain eyeglass prescriptions were then eligible to obtain prescription glasses through Koralik's hometown Lion's Club. The Chicago Club shipped eight pairs to Rarotonga.

While she is not an optometrist, Koralik has been trained in vision screening, and brings vision charts – bearing letters and, for kids who can’t yet read, symbols – when she comes to Rarotonga. This year she also brought sample frames so that vision-impaired kids can choose their own frame style. Over the next four weeks Koralik will assist local optometrist Teariki Faireka to screen more students. We look forward to new reports on this very needed project!
-Excerpted from the Cook Islands NEWS

Friday, February 18, 2011

Consider volunteering on Rarotonga in 2011!

If you're considering volunteering 2011, why not consider the Pacific Island of Rarotonga, the largest island of the Cook Islands?

If volunteering in a warm, mild climate is for you then read on! Below you will find volunteer reflections from a 2010 volunteer. Don't be shy... Join Us!!!

As our first week on the Cook Islands comes to a close, we have all had many thoughts and feelings towards our experience so far.

Candy has felt very satisfied from all of the new books she has put on libraries’ shelves for people to enjoy. She was also surprised by how she felt a sense of belonging after only a few days on the island. Ellen felt awed by the beauty of the island. Jennifer felt nervous when she first started at a school, but if the number of books she and Candy catalogued is any indication of how she feels now, I think it is safe to say she feels quite at home in the libraries!

Chason has realized his perspective of everything has greatly broadened on this trip; and he is glad to experience a new culture. Rob felt flustered on his first day at St. Joseph’s but despite this first day, he was also touched by the affection given by the 2nd graders he worked with. Siu felt very excited for her first day at school. She also felt inspired by Debi’s ability to take care of us with good humor and good grace.

As for me, I felt a little out of place on my first day at school because I am so used to being the student, not teacher. However, I was pleased at how soon that faded because of all of the welcoming and friendly hellos and waves.
Although there was a variety of feelings they will make our experience more interesting and memorable.

Written by ~ Volunteer Sofia

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