Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday 4th July

"Wealth is not determined by what you have but by what you have for which you would not take money."

Final day of our three week work experience. Both Nikki and I tried to see all our students. Friday afternoon is sport time. We frequently miss the last few students. There was a good-bye meal in the staff room. Nikki being a vegetarian, didn’t eat the chicken kebabs however she enjoyed the fruit, pasta salad and rice. We were given presents of a pareu, t-shirt and beads each.

In the afternoon I went to Muri beach to swim. Walked across the water to an island. Did get a bit of swimming in.

Evening found us at the Tamarind restaurant. We were joined by James plus two volunteers for the next go around – Sarah and Romana. Good food, good friends, good time was had by all.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday 3rd July

"Turn your scars into stars."

Today the Dynamic Duo became the Triumphant Trio with the addition of Romana to the team. She is part of the next contingent starting on Saturday but has begun early – full of enthusiasm - and spent the day at the Creative Centre with special needs children.

After school Suzanne went for her daily swim while Nikki walked out to, and along, the reef at low tide.

The evening saw us at the Auditorium for the Vaka Takitumu Dance Troup Concert, put on to raise funds for their coming trip to the Pacific Arts Festival in American Samoa. As well as the dance troupe, there were items performed by the younger up-and-coming dancers (6 being the youngest age), through to the Mama’s (whose upper age was not revealed)! The Mama’s and ex-dance troupe items received much applause, while the costumes, stories and drum dances by the troupe were a feast for our eyes and ears. The best dancing we’ve seen. Well worth $10.00. A VERY late night with us arriving home abut 11pm.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wednesday 2nd July

"Learn form the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself."

Am I or am I not working with the mama’s? Turned out I was. Only five ladies came today. Two of them talked a bit. Chatty Kathy was not there and definitely missed. Mary, a health nurse, held a religious ceremony, led the exercise class and cooked the meal. What a gem! While I was busy chatting with the Mama’s, Nikki was working at the school, not only with her her students but also with mine.

The afternoon found me feebly attempting to snorkel and swim. Evening time I was learning about the poverty on Tonga, eating another delicious meal prepared by Debi while conversing with the Fijians staying at our motel and learning about the influence of the Indians on their country, making Hindi one of their major languages.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday 1st July

"With your basket and my basket, together we feed the people."

The day dawned with a few clouds in the sky. These increased throughout the day until about 1.30pm when they all began to cry.

The school day progressed as normal. In between students we discussed how a number of children try to guess the word based on the picture. They don’t even look at the word or try to sound it out. It is something we have both been working on with the students, with varying results.

After school Suzanne hitched a ride south to the Rarotongan, while Nikki got a ride with a parent to town.

In the evening we learned how to make an Ei with Mama Here in the Vaka Lounge. The Island secrets were revealed and we produced colourful Ei’s to wear tomorrow. Debi also made a lovely pink one for her daughter who arrives home from New Zealand early tomorrow.

Mama Here joined us for dinner – another meal courtesy of Chef Debi. I wonder if Debi has thought of selling her cooking – The CafĂ© may be a prospective client!