Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Work Day on Rarotonga!!

Date: 27 October 2010

Message: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (Anne Pilmonas)
Journal Entry: 25 October

Name of Writer: Nancy Logan

Monday – October 25, 2010 – Day One Workday

James took us to the various work projects on the island, and introduced us to the principals and administrators. Gevenie, Rachel and Karen went to the Apii Takitumu Elementary School. Each worked with 6-7 students in reading skills. They were pleased to have time to talk with students about their interests.

Kate, Vernice and Bill reported from the Avatea School where they tested reading skills.

Dave went to Imanuela Akatemia School where he worked with about 20 children ages 6-11 in one classroom. The students read to Dave. Later he helped with math skills.
Janet and I went to Apii Rutaki preschool/elementary school of about 70 students.

We arrived at what we would call morning tea, but here it is lunch time as often the children have not had any breakfast, and were warmly welcomed by the principal. All the children were wearing spotless uniforms. We each worked with 2 students and they read several books to us that they selected from the library. Two could read quite well and the other two needed a great deal of help.

Mike and Dave went to the Tereora College and discovered an all-day Field Day going on, with races and other sports competitions being held. So they didn’t have an opportunity to help with reading and other curriculum areas, today was about helping with the school sports day and getting a feel for the school.

Joe, Anne and Don went to St Joseph’s Elementary School. Don tutored 2nd graders. Ann helped individual students in 1st grade and Joe had 4 4th graders. They worked to improve reading skills and sounding out words.

A completely different type of volunteer work was experienced by Cookie at the Te Vaerua Rehab Center. She reported enthusiastically that she had a fantastic time touring the hospital and visiting people at home. “It was so much fun.”

Monday Evening. We hosted a Kia Orana Dinner. Four of the community partners attended and enjoyed interesting conversation and a delicious dinner.

Menu –
• Curried Octopus - Eke e te akari
• Angry bread - Varaoa karo
• Ika Mata - Raw Fish
• Poke - Banana and arrowroot (tapioca) type relish
• Maniota - Root crop

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vaka 117 October 2010

Date: 25 October 2010

Message: “Together everyone achieves more” (James Puati)

Journal Entry: 22 – 23 – 24 October

Name of Writer: Mike Slade

Arrival Friday from Auckland. Clockwise bus to Muri Beach Sail Club with Cookie, Anne, Kate, Janet. Lovely fish dinner with awesome moon rise over lagoon islands. Night-long concert from resident Kii Kii roosters.

Saturday meeting 14 VAKA 117’s for orientation, then off with James to Punanga Nui Markets for local crafts, food, jewelry, handmade fabrics. I bought some amazing huge bananas which several of us enjoyed. We bought some local cloth, shells and lunch of barbequed lamb and curried chicken which we brought home on the clockwise bus. I admired the shell craft and was invited to tour a crafts factory. People were very friendly.

Back at Kii Kii, Nancy and Joe said the snorkeling was good at Fruits of Rarotonga, so we got our gear and took the bus, had a good time. I saw probably over 100 species of fish, including grouper, moray eel, giant clams, moorish idols and fabulous fish. We were concerned not to miss the bus at 4:18, as it was the last until 6:00 pm and we had a meeting at 5:30. Of course we forgot that the bus did not go past Cook’s Corner. I asked the driver what we could do so we could be on time for the meeting. He said, “We’ll work something out.” And after the bus emptied out, he drove us to Kii Kii, then turned around and went back to town. We will never forget that unexpected act of kindness. The work assignments meeting was followed by a very nice dinner of mahi mahi and broadbill fish by Rosie.

Sunday, a good breakfast and orientation with all 16 team members present. Then many of us went to local church services to experience the music and joy of the members who all thanked us for coming and even made some refreshments for the visitors and explained a bit about the church. It was great to see women dressed in beautiful dresses with fabulous handcrafted hats. Very special, then another snorkel stop, lunch overlooking the lagoon and kite sailors. Then back for second orientation, dinner, work assignments and introduction to Maori language.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Summer 2010 ~ Peace, Justice & Teaching on the Cook Islands!