Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last day of Vaka 105

November 6, 2008 Reidun

Thought of the Day: “Service to Others Is the Price We Pay For the Place We Occupy” (Joanie)

It is so strange that this is the last week of our program. For me it has been an adventurous 7 weeks. I have learned a lot about the people on these Islands, and with that it also created a lot of insight into my own life.
Life at Takitumu School was always a joy. The kids 9 years old, loved to spend time with us in the reading room, and many times a 20 minute lesson turned into one hour or more.
We allowed part of the lesson for coloring and drawing and discovered that we had some very creative little artists. It was sad to say goodbye but we know that the next team will have the same good time as we had.
Debi and James have taken such good care of us –always ready to answer questions or give advice. We were introduced to different restaurants in the area. It was great and it also saved Rosie from cooking every night.
I also have to mention that Rosie’s husband provided transport back and forth for us all to see the movie “Mama Mia”. It was great, specially the intermission with a chance to buy ice cream and popcorn.
Joanie, Nancy and I had a chance to meet Pa. He introduced us into a great wealth of information about the medicine plants. It was terrific, GOD sure has created a wonderful paradise for us to enjoy.
Everyday has been an adventure here on the islands, from the friendly bus drivers, students, teachers and most of all Debi and James and my supportive teammates.
It has been fun I will not say good bye but KIA ORANA. Hopefully in 2 years.
This is the perfect way of traveling. I’m still working on my list to convince everybody to try this way of enriching your life.