Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meeting our team in the Cook Islands

Wow, I can’t believe that I just landed this morning from Los Angeles. James met our group at the airport. There are five of us – Barbara and her three wonderful children - Olivia, age 12, Alexandra, age 10, and Jack, who is 7 - and me, Gary. They all live in San Diego. I live in Las Vegas. One more lady will join us tomorrow. I can’t wait to meet Terry. She is from Detroit.

We had breakfast and our first orientation of the day. We then had time to explore the island and meet some of the local people. James’ wife, Debi joined us for the second orientation. We set some personal and team goals and talked about characteristics of an effective team. I especially liked the input from Barbara’s children. They were enthusiastic and creative. We are all excited about tomorrow’s day at the elementary school.

Entry submitted by: Gary

Message of the Day: “Judge success not by the harvest that you reap, but the seeds that you sow.”