Friday, August 23, 2013

Feeling welcome in the community

We had another amazing day! We went to school and had a great time with the children. After just three days, it is surprising how comfortable the children are with us and we are with them! Many of them greet us by name and remember some of the things we have taught them! We (Olivia, Barb, Terrym and Gary) spent the day helping the children with their reading. Jack and Alexandra were lucky enough to go on a field trip with the younger grades. My favorite time of the day is lunch when we get to spend time playing with the children. After school Olivia and Alexandra were invited to a friend’s house for a play date. They had a wonderful time and have been invited back. It is such a friendly warm place and the people here have made us all feel so welcome. Tonight we had a lovely evening with our group and James and Debbie. It is really nice getting to know everyone on our team as well as James and Debbie. Overall, I cannot believe it is almost Friday and that the days have passed so quickly. Thank you, Terry and Gary, for being so kind to the kids.  

Entry submitted by: Barbara

Message of the Day: “Help others to help yourself.”