Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making friends at Takitumu Elementary

Tuesday we went to Takitumu Elementary. We met the principal, Engia Pate, and then were assigned classes to help kids read. We then went to the classes and read with them.  All the students were so sweet and friendly. Then we had lunch and played soccer. I made a lot of friends, one being Jette. She even invited us over to her house. We began reading again. After that we had free time and played in the classroom and got to know each other. We then said goodbye and headed to St. Paul’s Church. We helped some kids with their homework. I helped a young boy with spelling. We left and went to a dance practice. I thought it was very interesting and fun. The music was so cool. It was a workout! We left and had dinner. Today was a great day! 

Entry submitted by: Olivia

Message of the Day: “By helping others become better we become better.”