Friday, August 30, 2013

Live life and help others

Today at school we continued working with all age groups in reading and becoming fast friends with the kids. Our entire group feels very comfortable with the teachers and routine of the school. Smiles of recognition and happy hellos keep us delighted. Barb, Olivia, Alex, and Gary went to town on some errands and I went swimming at the Kii Kii pool. It’s hard to believe that soon we will be saying goodbye as Friday is our last day at school. 

This afternoon Debi and James picked us up for a fundraiser event where we all joined in a power workout led by Debi and her friends. It was very fun and energizing. Barb helped to sell coconuts to help everyone hydrate. Back home at the Kii Kii we are relaxed and contented after a busy day.

Entry submitted by: Terry

Message of the Day: “Live life and help others.”