Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I will miss this island

After a day of rain we had a beautiful day of sunshine and 24 degrees Celsius. The children at school were glad to be able to get out on the field and play. I really enjoyed the day, especially being able to read and do math and art with eight students ages eight to eleven. I ate lunch with the five-year-olds again. They always energize me. James and Debi and grandpa showed us the many forms of coconuts from young to old. They all tasted great. I love their home! They also have the Matutu brewery in their front yard – many of my friends back home would be in heaven. 

The black pearl jeweler, Colin Rattle gave us an intro to pearls and how they are formed. 

My highlight of the day was spending time with Sahi at St. Paul’s Church from 2:30 to 4 p.m. working on her math division and reading and, of course, the great chocolate cake that mother Margret made for us! However, my legs are still sore from the Sunday hike so I was not running very fast during the frisbee sessions at school. I will miss this island. 

Entry submitted by: Gary

Message of the Day: “Joy blooms where hearts and minds are open.”